• Multilingual ERP Systems
  • Sells Fully Functional Module
  • Purchases Fully Functional Module
  • Multiple Stocks
  • Flexible Inventory System
  • Multiple Bank And Cash Accounts Tracking
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Files Attachment
  • Flexible User Access Levels
  • Multiple Users System
  • Web Based - All You Need Is Intenet
  • Advanced Multilingual Capabilities
  • Direct E-mailing
  • Mobile Access - Your Business Is Always With You
  • Spreadsheets Export
  • PDF Documents
  • Flexible Reports
  • Easy To Use
  • Less Work Load
  • Information Up To Date


To get you going quickly you can select from a standard set. The system will then be configured correctly for you to start using it very fast. This will save you a lot of time and efforts.
Examples of this powerful profile feature include:

  • EZR Business Start
  • For small business customers
  • Multilingual
  • No VAT registration
  • One stock
  • Basic CRM
  • Multiple customers and suppliers
  • EZR Business Sells
  • Fully functional sells module, not just invoices
  • Direct e-mailing of Pro-forma, Offer, Order, Delivery, Invoice and Credit Note
  • Multiple Customers
  • VAT on local and international sells documents
  • Basic CRM


Designed to be always close to you when you need it. Based on web hosting technology. Built using technologies, chosen to provide a powerful and proven foundation for the system:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Spreadsheets